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        Zhejiang Minhai valve Co., Ltd. is vigorously developing the domestic market, and at the same time, actively exploring the overseas market, in-depth development of technical exchanges and cooperation with the world

        At present, the international division has the products are sold to more than 150 of the world, at the same time take an active part in all kinds of valve industry exhibition at home and abroad, fully understand the market situation at home and abroad and valves of advanced technology exchange, set up offices in all parts of both at home and abroad, and recruit local staff, fujian's agriculture at home and abroad market sea valve has been exported to Asia, the americas, Europe, Africa and other countries, and show, in the international market in the future, fujian sea continue to increase the technology innovation, towards greater international stage


        Green Industry:The internationalized route of green industry is always one of the strategic thoughts of Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD


        Technology Development:Zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD strives to integrate the most advanced technology, the most advanced talent and the most advanced concept into the development process of the enterprise


        International Strategy:Provide the most favorable support for zhejiang Minhai valve Co., LTD. 's internationalization pace or planned strategy internationalization development


        Support item:To ensure that zhejiang Minhai Valve Co., LTD. Partners to obtain the world's most suitable minhai valve products