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        Enterprise Mission

        Business progress and create a better life, this is the fujian sea valves as enterprise "the purpose and motivation, and fujian sea valves must bear the responsibility and obligation of the enterprise mission and business progress and social development closely together, expressed the fujian sea valves in promoting the civilization and progress of the whole society in the development of the enterprise value orientation, embodies the fujian sea valve's lofty pursuit, adhere to the people-oriented, user supreme development train of thought, strengthen the awareness of corporate social responsibility, strive for the enterprise into a family of fluid control expert staff user's home

        Enterprise vision

        Fujian sea valves conform to the trend of The Times and historical trend of endeavour positive change, seize the opportunity constantly transformation, enterprise keep vitality, establish a good reputation and excellent business reputation in the new historical period, we should take advantage of an opportunity potential ideals, to become the globalization of the public trust enterprise as his own ideal blueprint

        Corporate Values

        Create value for customers, creating opportunities for staff, the management to strengthen on the survival by the quality, to promote the development of science and technology, set up their enterprise vision to build manufacturing industry aircraft carrier, and at the forefront of the industry, the real practical and effective by the serious professional responsibility of enterprises built a strong team spirit of this honest and trustworthy is the fujian sea valve core values, is fundamental to establish the foundation; Performance orientation is the support for the development and expansion of Minhai valve; People-oriented is the tenet of Value creation of Minhai valve; Innovative development is the impetus for Minhai Valve to meet the challenge

        Of Business Development Philosophy

        Geared to the needs of the global market, we will make intelligent production important base, through the intelligent management system and iot thinking to realize automatic production control, combining the particularity of the industry, to create digital valve factory in the future we will establish a more strategic partners in the international market, layout overseas places set up a sales network and technical service center, to achieve rapid service response time, timely solve the user needs to provide strong security with our innovative technology to continue to provide customers with more satisfied with a full range of industrial fluid valve solutions, adhere to the people-oriented with the foundation of talent to build To promote the development of enterprises with science and technology, broad personal development space perfect training mechanism, so that every employee can progress and improve the use of their own wisdom and strength, write a beautiful chapter in the valve manufacturing industry