The Bass Coach, Roger Lee Brown




We’re sorry, but the Bass Coach’s website will be down for a short time while it is being completely revamped. Be sure to check in soon, we hope to have the site back up some time in February. A lot has been going on, including a new launch of the Bass Coach Lures through eposeidon.com. The Bass Coach’s patented new line of lures include the incredible 9” Spittin’ Worm, and the “Sprog”. Both soft plastic lures produce incredible top-water action. Gurgling, bubbling, popping and spitting, the bass just can’t stand it! Totally weedless, you can work these baits in the heaviest cover but be sure to hang on! Equally effective in open water. Also available are the Deadly Craws, Finger Stix and other soft plastic lures.

Contact the Bass Coach for information about his guide services and his on the water instruction. The Coach is back in New York,, fishing his home waters of Lake Champlain and surrounding areas for largemouth and smallmouth bass.







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